A robust web-based service center management software that helps you in better tracking and documenting the progress of your jobs from anywhere, at any time.

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Tasks like servicing of electronic devices - may it be a desktop or a laptop or mobile phones or what ever.., are time-consuming. While you have to deal with the servicing of your customers’ electronic items, it’s also equally important to track the progress of each one of those jobs, follow-up when required and generate timely reports.

To make your life easier, we offer you Service Tracker - an exhaustive web-based software that gets your service center on track with methodical management of jobs within no time! Its easy-to-use functionality guarantees a seamless experience.


Service Center Management

Gives a step-by-step idea of the exact stage at which each one of your customers’ jobs are at just by looking at our comprehensive dashboard. Knowing the level of progress makes it easier for you to determine the deadline for the completion of your job. An SMS is sent to your customer at every stage to keep them updated about the progress happening at your end.

Call Management

Keeps a track of all the calls received at your service center. This helps you in allotting tasks to your engineers and checking who’s responsible for what.

Follow Up

Maintains a central repository of all the conversations that have happened over time between your customers and leads. With this data, your staff will precisely know where they have to pick up a particular conversation from with the leads.



INR - 1950

+ Tax


INR - 5850

+ Tax

Half Yearly

INR - 11700

+ Tax


INR - 21500

+ Tax

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